The Cast of Teen Wolf when they were their characters’ ages…
(or as close as possible for those that have been given ages on the show) 


I couldn’t help but notice that since the beginning of season three, Stiles and Derek (when together) get illuminated by light. Whether it’s the sunlight or moonlight shining brightly through a window, or fluorescent lights flickering on behind them…it actually happens during a lot of their scenes together. 

Personally, I think it’s something pretty important to the developing relationship between Stiles and Derek.

Q: [About Derek] […] Is there a light at the end of the tunnel for him, or will he always kind of be the show’s whipping boy?

A: Light. Yes.

Jeff Davis, Tumblr Q&A


day 32649238742 i am still not over allison argent’s death

teen wolf big bad per season


dear teen wolf, 

your characters don’t need love interests. they need therapy. 




when you walked into the room just then
it’s like the sun came out


when you walked into the room just then

it’s like the sun came out




I love how he responds to Derek never having all that many lines by acting the fuck out of everything with just his face. U lil shit.

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#i find that so funny in a weird way #cause people never mention tyler among the best actors of the show #and usually i would agree #i really don’t like his other movies and i’m meh about most of his performances #which is funny cause he can be much more of a normal person there and be more like himself #and theoretically that should come easier to him #but instead this ball of sunshine #just plays the shit out of derek #idek how manages to look so grumpy but damn he knows how to use his face actually #in fact i think that’s his biggest strength #cause he doesn’t always 100% nail the delivery of his lines #and derek barely has lines so as much as that pains me cause i wanna see derek talk more #it actually plays into his hands and he’s really good at conveying emotions with his face (read:eyebrows) #and he makes derek so nuanced just with his face and his body language it makes me wanna cry #so thank you tyler for doing an a+ job  (dylanships)